Sunday, January 31, 2016, with the first regional race category 1st-2nd-3rd-4th level female, starts at home The Costanza 1884 A.Massucchi the competitive year.

Our centuries-old sports club, will be engaged in addition to the usual organization to Palamassucchi, many regional competitions, even with the Interregional North-West Series C1-C2 Men and the National Finals of the Tournament Students and Male Category.

With the organizational effort that since that day in 2003, with an annual average of 20-25 races has led our city to be one of the important points of the National Gymnastics Federation of Italy, 2016 also gives us the return of our team Male in the A2 championship series.

And This is the greatest national event with the A1 counts among its participants the best Italian teams.

Constancy 1884 A.Massucchi is proud to represent Mortara and its Province of Pavia in the most prestigious competition of Italian Artistic Gymnastics.

The league is divided into four tests: the first on February 13 in Rimini, the second on March 5 in Ancona, the third on April 2 in Rome and the fourth on May 7 in Turin.

Since three promotions and demotions many, the goal of our company are provided is to win a ranking that allows us to maintain the shareholding in A2 league for next year, allowing our drivers to gain the right experience and hone that ability techniques needed to groped the big jump in A1 in the future.

Our magnificent bearers led by the coach Paolo Pedrotti are: junior Luca Lino Garza-Nicolo ‘Belli, Danilo Conterio; and senior Luke Corsico and Federico Broli.



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