17 Mar , 2016 News-Arti Marziali

Sunday, March 6 took place the thirteenth edition of Karate Day which saw the participation of 280 athletes representing 35 clubs from Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria. At the end of the kata competitions, for the first time, on an experimental basis, it has been inserted a free trial carried out by two companies for athletes, who submitted a free exercise of their composition. The novelty, which saw the team excel Tortona of Maestro Amendola, has aroused much interest from the present technical and surely will also be inserted in future editions.

Final ranking

1st class society. CSR Rivanazzano

2nd CSKL Liguria

3rd Sports Center Vigevano

4 ° The Constance Andrea Massucchi Mortara

Results Sports Center Vigevano Maestro Michele Scutaro

Bellazzi M. 1st class., F. Catania and Scandurra F. 2nd class., Sica P., T. Uda, Bonvento A., L. Stabile, 3rd class., N. Galli, Uda-Scandurra couple, team Near-Sica-Nembro 4th class., Near L. 6th class., Pezzoli G. 7th class.

Karate results School Team Gambolò m ° Cinzia Spinelli

Camilla Cavenago 1st class., Clizia Caroli 3rd class., Martina Di Rienzo 3rd class. , Couple Cavenago Caroli 3rd class. in the free trial, and finally the trio Cavenago, Caroli, Di Rienzo 2nd class. in team kata.

The results Costanza Andrea Massucchi Mortara m ° Barbara Gho

Saldarini G. 1st class., G. Franzini 1st class. couple Azzalin L.-Ruzzoli A. 1st class., De Bartolomeo N. 2nd class., Azzalin L. 2nd class., the trio China, Bardone, Casarini 2nd class. in team kata, Tordella M. 3rd class., the trio Burzo F., C. Bameni Saglimbeni V. 3rd class. in team kata.

Results Art Center and Sport m ° Brogin

Montedoro A 1st class, Montedoro, Tread, Frixia 1st place in the team kata, Tread A 3rd class.



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